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How we stayed true to our values and helped drive the sweeteners debate

As a founder, or anyone who cares deeply about the business they work for, your values will be tested

Charlie Echlin

My Alternative CV: The Oxford Artisan Distillery’s Charlie Echlin on whisky, hangovers and Tupac Shakur

‘The least rewarding part of my job? The occasional hangover – I have once or twice overdone it in the name of work’

Helena Busiakiewicz, BBC Good Food

My food & drink job: Helena Busiakiewicz, food content creator, BBC Good Food

Helena talks the glamour of Nigella Lawson, recipe testing for content creation and the lessons learned through hard restaurant work

Rubies in the rubble ketchup picnic

Beyond marketing: other strong ways to build your brand

Simply investing in packaging and consumer partnerships, while it might feel less sexy or exciting, can pay dividends

Micah Carr-Hill - Head of Taste at Cawston Press

My Alternative CV: Micah Carr-Hill of Cawston Press on wine, elephants and James Acaster

’Elephants are considered to have amongst the best smelling capabilities of the animal world… imagine the joy they get from a fine burgundy!’

Immy VFC

My food & drink job: Imogen Hibberd, social media manager, VFC

’As a vegan, I have always wanted my career to overlap with my morals and ethics, and ensure what I do with my career has a positive impact on our world’

Mark Walker, Swizzels

My Alternative CV: Swizzels’ Mark Walker on grass, golf and the sugar tax

‘We’ve never hidden the fact that our products should be enjoyed as a treat. Ultimately, consumers will vote with their feet and they’re still buying our products’

marketing planning meeting plan GettyImages-1437209386

Why marketing must be local up, not national down, in a cost of living crisis

A time of crisis is a good time to look at doing things differently, says Mike Fantis, managing partner at DAC Group

Martha 2

My food & drink job: Martha Jensen, brand manager, Rude Health

‘Breakfast is my favourite meal so when I saw the role at Rude Health, I was hooked’

presentation unsplash

What habits stop us winning friends and influencing people?

Let’s start with stage one: not doing things that reduce our influencing power

Mario Barends Dorset Pastry Ltd

My Alternative CV: Dorset Pastry’s Mario Barends on Wrexham FC, ice and private messages

‘Watching a pallet leave site to a new customer is a great feeling, knowing they put their trust in us’

AA headshot

My food & drink job: Amy Armstrong, brand manager, Asahi

’As one of the brand managers on the Peroni team, my role is predominantly focused on projects related to recruiting a younger audience’

mum and baby unsp

Flexibility is key when balancing business and a baby

My business has been my entire focus, until around seven weeks ago, when I welcomed a brand-new human into the world


Why become a B Corp?

Certification also gives access to a community of like-minded businesses, many of which are open to sharing advice, support or partnering on collaborative projects

Threads social media app

How brands can avoid common pitfalls on Threads

The best strategy we’ve seen is testing and learning, trying different types of content and seeing what works, says Pete Sayburn, CEO of agency matchmaking platform Studiospace

BBC studio GettyImages-1168432415

BBC crisis shows the importance of risk management

The task of identifying the risks in any organisation is pretty simple, says Ian Wright, co-chair of the Food & Drink Export Council

Laura Shears Pets Kitchen Vet’s Kitchen

My Alternative CV: Vet’s Kitchen’s Laura Shears on cars, rodents and Boy George

‘I miss the greeters in Asda and the sense of pride you used to get from the shop floor teams in Tesco. It’s rare to feel the ’buzz’ in any retailer these days’

Abby Catmull

My food & drink job: Abby Catmull, product developer, Waitrose

‘I also love working for a company where I know we’re contributing to a happier world. I’m really proud that we are rated first for animal welfare and that our products support British farmers’

Nick Vadasz

My Alternative CV: Vadasz Deli’s Nick Vadasz on pickles, pickles and pickles

’My motto in life? Eat more pickles. (I’m getting this on a t-shirt)’


Wake up. Brits alone aren’t going to fill the food labour shortage

The migrant labour narrative is worn out. It’s time for a realistic approach



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