The client is a family-owned retailer that has grown into a leading art supply company in the U.S., with stores nationwide. Sparity was tasked with refining the client’s data management and analytics for inventory, B2B, and B2C customer data. Our work emphasizes data accuracy, daily reporting, and real-time recommendation updates and complete data engineering for an art retailer client.

ClientRetailerServicesData Engineering
Year 2024

Client Challenges

Data Coordination: The art supplier had trouble coordinating data across ordering, divisions, and shipping systems.

Data Duplication: Addressing the issue of data duplication in both inventory and customer records proved to be a persistent challenge as well.

High Data Quality: Ensuring high data quality for reliable analytics and generating daily SSRS reports for customer insights.

Operational Time: Maintaining continuous operational uptime across three production systems was crucial for data flow.

Real-Time Personalization: The client aimed to achieve real-time personalization by updating e-commerce recommendations every 15 minutes.

Technologies used: Oracle DB, SQL Server, SSRS, SSIS, Python, and AWS Redshift.




  • Sparity conducted a thorough data audit, profiling, and cleaning as part of data engineering for an art retailer deduplication strategy.
  • Data Deduplication: Implemented advanced data deduplication processes to maintain a clean database.
  • Python and AWS: Our team introduced a Python-based algorithm for real-time e-commerce personalization, leveraging AWS capabilities for scalability.
  • Data Validation: Introduced rigorous data validation checks to ensure accuracy and reliability.
  • Data Integration: We leveraged SSIS for efficient data integration, seamless data flow between systems, reducing inconsistencies, and improving data quality.
  • Monitoring: Deployed robust monitoring and failover strategies for production system reliability.
  • Report Generation: Our team automated SSRS report generation for efficient daily customer analytics.


Our data engineering for an art retailer enabled:

Improved Customer Experience: Personalized recommendations led to a 25% increase in customer engagement.

Data Integrity: Achieved a 99.9% accuracy rate in inventory and customer data, enhancing decision-making.

System Reliability: Maintained 99.98% uptime for critical production systems, ensuring business continuity.

Insightful Reporting: Enabled actionable insights through automated reporting, contributing to a 15% growth in B2B sales.