Client is a leading Atlanta-based spiritwear company that offers a variety of casual styles for women, men, and kids, with growing selections for babies and accessories. They needed a modern solution i.e Magento migration for
E Commerce and integration with Navision ERP and third-party provider connections.  Sparity provided end-to-end solutions, resulting in client growth and expansion of their customer base.

ClientECommerceServicesMagento migration for ecommerce
Year 2024

Client Challenges

Integration: Integrating with the on-premises Navision system and running Magento in the AWS Cloud through a VPN and undocumented Navision customizations posed hurdles for data flow between systems, requiring a precise integration strategy.

Customization: The client needed retail and wholesale storefronts with distinct features. Wholesale had demanded extensive customization for varied business clients, ensuring tailored experiences for each segment.

Catalog Management: A complex catalog with vast product variants like color, size, and quantity had demanded an intuitive user experience, simplifying selection and purchase processes for customers.

Recommendation System: Implementing a recommendation system to boost conversion rates has been challenging. Personalizing the shopping journey with tailored suggestions has increased customer engagement and satisfaction, giving it a competitive edge.


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  • User Experience: Sparity honed retail and wholesale portals for apparel, prioritizing simplicity. Iterative design, guided by user feedback, ensured a seamless shopping journey for all.
  • Agile Iteration: We maintained an agile and iterative design process based on frequent user feedback.
  • Solution Design Priorities: We focused on performance and Navision integration. AWS tools like EC2, S3, and RDS build a scalable foundation. Custom.NET interfaces ensured precise Navision functionality.
  • Harnessing AWS Power: AWS tools—EC2, S3, and RDS—made Sparity’s system scalable and responsive. DynamoDB and Elastic Cache delivered speed, while SNS and Elastic Beanstalk orchestrated.
  • Magento Migration for E commerce: Our core team performed Magento migration for e commerce client with Navision using Tinx-IT Magento and Navision Connector. Custom.NET Interfaces fine-tuned Magento, optimizing for specific needs.
  • Empowering Marketing: Sparity developed an intuitive Magento interface for marketing. This enabled easy image uploads and portal customization, empowering targeted engagement.
  • Driving Revenue with Magento: Harnessing Magento’s power, we developed an automated search engine optimization system and social network integration. This strategic use of Magento drove user acquisition and revenue.
  • Scalability with Magento: Leveraged Magento’s scalability for growth. Custom features and extensions were implemented, ensuring expansion and future-proofing the system.


Time Saving and Error Reduction: Single interface from Dynamics NAV eliminated rekeying, saving time and reducing errors. Real-time updates in Navision ensured up-to-date information.

Sales Efficiency: Streamlined sales orders and seamless data sync between Navision and Magento improved efficiency and customer satisfaction while providing valuable business insights.

Improved Key Metrics:

Magento migration for e commerce enabled:

Conversion rate increased by ~60%, showing effective user engagement strategies.

Pages per visit rose by ~25%, indicating more interactive content and improved user experience.

Server use decreased by ~35%, showcasing efficient resource utilization.

Loading speed improved by 80%, providing quicker access to products and services.

Search engine campaign achieved an 18% Click-Through Rate, boosting visibility and customer acquisition