Enabling innovation with cutting-edge digital technologies

Nimble yet mature teams empowering businesses through architecture, integration, turnkey development, and support.

Our Story

Sparity Inc., a global technology company specializes in delivering comprehensive IT solutions through the expertise of agile teams. Our teams excel in various areas such as architecture, integration, turnkey development, and support services powered by cutting-edge AI technologies.

What sets us apart?

  • Accessible and hands-on leadership
  • Successful roll out of proprietary B2B and B2C products
  • Shortened delivery cycles through Pilots / PoCs
  • Ecosystem of resources & partners
  • Proven training & upskilling programs

How we partner?

  • Commence after BRD, FRD are signed
  • Collaborate with client’s core development team
  • Compliment client’s team’s skillset
  • Deliver consistently on-time with quality
  • Commence after BRD, FRD are signed
  • 100% ownership on design / dev / PMO
  • Leverage offshore/onshore engineering teams at scale for best value
  • Engage at the product conception stage with domain experts (analysts, engineering, QA & PMO)
  • Self-driven teams delivering core aspects of products / services




Years in the Business




Successful projects delivered