3 Ways You Can Eliminate Silos to Accelerate Digital Transformation

To accelerate and gain the benefits of digital transformation, organizations must know how to eliminate the 4 primary types of silos: data, technology, content, and departmental. These silos can cause data security and regulatory compliance issues, reduced productivity, underutilized or inconsistent data, poor visibility, and lack of innovation. To eliminate these silos, organizations must create better collaboration across the organization, involve key business stakeholders in planning and strategy meetings, expose employees in every department to innovative solutions and ideas, and enforce an enforceable change management protocol. Implementing a well-organized change management plan from Day 1 of any new technology is critical, as it’s not just about the technology; it’s about the people.

Digital transformation doesn’t have to be impossible, but it must be done wisely. To ensure success, businesses should create buy-in with a dedicated change management team or ambassadors, a clear communication plan, defined timelines/milestones, necessary training, and hands-on involvement. Additionally, they should evaluate their current tools and technology and identify what data and insights they seek. Finally, they should seek opinions from key stakeholders in the organization and ensure early adoption across the enterprise. Identifying and then eliminating silos allows businesses to meet goals, create efficiencies, grow smarter, and problem-solve faster.

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