Trainer / Assessor Workshops

We are able to offer organisations and individual trainers and assessor’s workshops that can be developed to build upon their skills that they already hold. These workshops may also be used as assessment validations workshops. It may serve as additional guidance to maintain currency and or professional development of their skills.

Our facilitators come from diverse backgrounds and have extensive experience and qualifications within the area of adult education and assessment.

Workshops can be are tailored to meet the needs of an organisation.

Workshops include;

  • Presentation skills and Power Point Presentation development.
  • Event based training development and delivery.
  • Recognition of prior learning (RPL) assessments.
  • Curriculum writing including writing learning objectives and outcomes.
  • Facilitating  group interactions and activities.


Why attend a workshop if I hold the qualification?

As a qualified trainer or assessor, it is important to update or enhance your skills. Workshops are facilitated by people with professional skills and extensive experience, delivering to a broad range of trainees in different subjects.

How long are the workshops?

Workshops can vary from 4 hours to 2 days, in most cases 1 day would be the maximum time spent on a single topic workshop.

Can I use the workshops towards a competency?

Workshops are not based on competencies, but are written to defined behavioural objectives. The workshops are designed for professional development and skill building.